How do I approach prospecting?

CAM00064Ever feel like this when its time to prospect?

Prospecting can be difficult I know it is for me, talking to strangers isn’t natural since we are all taught as children not to talk to strangers “stranger danger” this gets instilled into us or at least it was instilled into me. So the idea of going out and just talking to random people can be a little scary but if you think of it as going out to make new friends it might be a little less scary. I like to think about there being a magic genie always around me, and every time I have a non-serving thought such as “oh no I’ve got to go out and talk to strangers this is so overwhelming” I try to stop and restructure the thought because if I think its overwhelming, scary, frustrating, or whatever it might be for you, you are triggering your mind to make it so. As the late and great George Zaluki said “the thinker thinks and the prover proves.” See there are 2 parts in the brain the thinker and the prover, if you think for instance “I’m just not cut out for this” your brain automatically agrees with you and starts making a path of how you aren’t “cut” out for this. So if I’m having non-serving thoughts about  anything I restructure it from “oh no…..” to ” I get to go make new friends and possible new teammates.”

CAM00070 Just smile…..

Whenever you shift your thinking you’re bound to get more people interested in working with you. Keep a positive mind and keep don’t focus on the results just become addicted to the thought of new friends get fired up on the possibility of meeting great people who can be life long amazing friends you just have to leave your comfort zone and discard “stranger danger” prospecting, recruiting ,or as I like to call it the act of taking a stranger and making them a friend  will become easier. If you could only make contact with 3 people a day that would be 1,000 people in a year! If only 8% of those people ended up being life long friends/business partners would it be worth it to you? It’s worth it to me!

The next time you go out to make a “sale” try to make a connection first. Try to ask them questions about their life and attempt to get a feel of whether or not you should spend your time working on building a friendship with them. If you can manage to get a “feeling” of wither or not you’d like to work with them in 3-5 mins you can conserve a lot of time and energy that otherwise would be wasted just bantering people about how amazing your product/service is. People join people not companies. I joined my company because my amazingly talented cousin is in it. I have a good relationship with him and his amazing wife therefore I feel more comfortable than if I was just approached by somebody at a mall or some other public place. What do you do when somebody hands you a flyer and tries to tell you about the information? Do you keep walking or do you stop and listen really listen? I used to stop and act like I was listening because I’m too nice to keep walking while somebody is trying to talk to me even a stranger, afterwards I usually walk away and throw the flyer away. Do you throw the flyer, card, whatever they hand you away? Think about it…Now think about your business and your prospecting approach….I will talk about my personal experience doing this method of prospecting in my next blog…

Thanks for reading and Keep rocking 🙂

Until next time,

Amanda Kipfer


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