How do you attract people to your at home business?

Most people use several tactics to attract new people to their at home business. Some people use pamphlets,flyer, some form of paper you hand out and try to tell the person about your COMPANY. You stop people and try to tell them about your amazing opportunity and some may just keep walking away an you may think “your loss” while others stop and listen to you or at least they seem to be listening you give them your flyer maybe you are doing an excellent job and are getting contact information for them also, but most of the time we just try to get strangers interested in our company. Whenever they take you flyer and listen to you you may think” there’s a possible teammate” but most likely that stranger is waiting until they can’t see you and they are going to throw that paper away.

How do I avoid wasted prosperous time recruiting?

First I don’t pass out flyers don’t get me wrong if your company wants you to pass out flyers and work that way by all means go for it, but think about it if you are paying for the flyers,the gas to get wherever you are going to prospect and the time you are spending talking to people. I have a friend who joined a health and wellness company and we were fired up we were going to sell them vitamins like crazy we went to grocery stores the malls restaurants anywhere people were. We wouldn’t always go stop people and talk to them, we would just leave the flyer on their windshield. We never got a lead never got a call never go anybody interested in our opportunity. We were obviously doing something wrong and I believe part of it is that we would talk to 2 or 3 people and then go out to the cars and just put a flyer on every car. We were always at the local office supply store making copies of our flyers to put on peoples are but after all the time we spent we never got a lead. We weren’t making connections we were taking the easy way out and leaving “trash” on peoples car.  Instead of taking 1-5 mins to talk to somebody to see if they were interested and would be a good business partner.

So the next time you go out leave your pamphlets at home, listen to an inspiring auto on the way to your location. Get yourself mentally ready sometimes people can be mean even if they aren’t mad at you for approaching them they can come across very unhappy keep in mind they usually aren’t mad at you they have stuff going on in their own life that you have no idea about they could have just gotten the worst news in their life, wouldn’t you be unhappy in that situation? I know I would be. Remember you are making friends not hunting for people to join your company. That is why I think most of the people have a bad taste for network marketers or home based business, people forget people join people not companies and nobody wants to be “hunted”. Have you ever said “I have to go hunt for people to join my business.” Think about your words…

Thanks for your time and keep rocking,

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