Should you go full-time or stay part-time in your home based business?

I personally am looking forward to the day when I can take my business to the full time, but first there are a few things you have to consider. You might be thinking “I don’t have time to prospect because I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week.” You might have children and a full time J.O.B. There are a million things that could be taking your time while you are out of your J.O.B, so you might think if I didn’t have this J.O.B taking up 80% of my time I could really get this home business to take off.

Well I felt the same way but you have to stop and think, if I’m not duplicating now how will you duplicate with no income? Maybe it would be sink or swim, you really burned your bridges with no escape wrought and maybe for you that is what you need. Most of us get distracted, and with no J.O.B the possibility for procrastination grows 80%. For me personally I really want to change to view of the MLM (multilevel marketing) people seem to have a bad taste in their mouth for this industry well almost any  home based business industry. I’ve learned that in the 70s people were very hype and the event of pyramid schemes have left their mark on the American public. I want to help people achieve their dreams, have more time with their family, friends, and to do whatever makes them happy. I need to stop procrastinating and just do what needs to be done to achieve my dream. Am I still working a J.O.B yes of course to me it is just common sense to work; pay your bills, get to meeting, and INVEST in yourself! How will you do these things without any income?

I started looking into home based business whenever I lost my job of 3 years I have been doing as I put it home work. At first it was anything I could get my hands on learning for Free! An it became very taxing to listen to all these people talk about these “gurus” I sometimes think the people talking negatively about another persons marketing strategy isn’t good for business but I became very mislead I didn’t know what to do and even though I know you need to talk to people I didn’t know what direction to take using a search engine to find people to learn from isn’t always the best way to go. So I stopped looking at all these different people and things they are teaching and started focusing on what I need to know right now, prospecting more specifically cold market prospecting, blogging,and personal branding. If you aren’t already focusing on your weak points you should. I think if you want to become a full time home business owner you need to be all you can be in at least one of these areas.

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Amanda Kipfer


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