Who are these GURUS?

bm-image-759203I find myself saying who are these gurus? (all the time) I mean there are a lot of amazing trainers out there who are doing great things inside their own business’s, but who are these gurus they are talking about? Who are these gurus who are misleading people, telling them this is an easy way to make money its fast and simple…I just don’t know. I’ve personally connected with a lot of top earners in the home based network marketing industry and not a one of them has told me some hypey made up story about how easy network marking is. Not a signal person that I would consider a guru does this. Know just because somebody else’s method doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean they are a false guru everybody is different and you have to master skills before you can really say oh this guru over here is tellin “stores” about….(whatever it is…)

I don’t know, I’m sure not a top earner in my company, I’m not even making $1,000 a month. But I am 100% positive that people who you and I may consider a guru don’t consider themselves gurus! Most of the people I have connected with are real people who started from nothing some of them were homeless and are now making more money than a CEO of a major corporation. I know these people are working daily in the market to improve our industry and help people improve their own lives, NOT discourage people by telling them to do things that will never work.

Yes there are tactics that are old and just may not work out very well for you but do you honestly think they are setting you up to fail? I can’t tell you how many videos or blogs I’ve read where people are bashing a “guru”,why? Why bash somebody else’s approach? I mean if its helping them help others and it just didn’t work for you maybe it just wasn’t what you needed at the time. I worked for Kirby vacuums for about 3-4 months and the owner of the divison I worked for really believed in me. His wife and himself took me to several training seminars and payed for me to go I hadn’t been there for long not like the others who were going on the trips most of them had the awesome rings and were higher ups as I would call them but lil ol’ me got invited and I really was fired up I thought I could sell these vacuums because if they could do it so could I… I took notes at the seminars I payed close attention I really did lean a lot but when it was time to knock on strangers doors sometimes for 12 hours a day, you get discouraged. One day the “owner” told us to make a “game out of this, make a tally on one of your FLYERS ( 😦  ) for every door you knock on. So me and my team mates did I don’t recall their numbers but I knocked on 500 doors no joke, 300 people were clearly home, 10 people opened the door 0 let me in to do a demonstration. Can you imagine? I live in S.W. Fl its always hot, we would be dropped off at 9-10 am our team leader would take us to different streets and tell us to work one direction on one side of the street. It was insane, nuts I tell you! The team leader would drive around and do the closing if you got that far into your demonstration and bring you a Kirby whenever somebody agreed to the demonstration…You were on your own the rest of the time the only time during the day you got to be inside was a. during lunch or b. if somebody let you enter their home. So how many of you would last even 3 days doing this my friend and I started the job together after 4 hours our first day she was ready to go home, after 8 hours she forced them to pick us up and she then got dropped off so somebody she knew could pick her up an take her to get her car.

My point of this story isn’t in any way meant to bash Kirby or their sales tactics it’s simply to say there are tons of different ways to prospect and what worked for you may or may not work for John Doe. Instead of bashing others to sell your products just tell them what your product can do for them,their team,friends…. also testimonials are always an amazing way to sell something. 🙂 🙂


have a Great day thanks for reading. If you found this post interesting check back daily or connect with me on social media @ Amanda kipfer (1 for Twitter)


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