LIFE is always changing!

Yesterday I found out some pretty upsetting news, I will share this news with you all later whenever I have more information. BUT I will say that I have taken the news pretty hard. When you put everything into something and then it is taken from you its heart breaking, weather or not it is your personal endeavor or somebody elses, for me knowing you put everything into your business and for whatever reason it has to closes down, thats heart breaking for you and for others.


How do you move on when something you loved, put your heart, blood sweat and tears into is taken form you?Keep your head up, and look inside yourself and find a new goal to processed with.You can always try that endeavor again, or do something completely different. There are millions of options, but the last thing you should do is sit at home and think about how this didn’t work out you have to move on keep pushing forward. If you sat at home an just thought about how it didn’t work you will never move forward you might fall into a deep depression and nobody wants to do that, and your friends and family don’t want to see that for you either.

NES_0061-682x1024-e1331626553859I have been listening and watching Ray Higdon for YEARS (well my whole life really) and that man is a rock, he is unmovable! He will do what he needs to do NO MATTER what is in the way. If you don’t know who he is Google him! We can all be unmovable. What would it feel like to you to be unmovable? Nothing anybody says can persuade you from you main goals. I think it would feel absolutely amazing I think if would be better than amazing. So how do you become unmovable? Well you will have to read my next post and I will tell you exactly what I’ve learned from the amazing Ray Higdon on how to have that unmovable mindset. 🙂

Thanks for reading if you got any value out of this leave me a comment, or connect with me on facebook, or twitter :):):) Keep rockin 🙂 talk to you soon.


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