Do you want to become UNMOVABLE?

I sure do, I would love to become unmovable no matter what the situation is. What would it feel like to you to be unmovable no matter what anybody says, not matter what happens, what if you lost everything you know and you could still go on with your daily life? For me personally that would be AMAZING it would feel like I was the Queen of my own world instead of just being in my own world being unmovable would make me feel like I was in complete control? Again, How would being unmovable make you feel?Himmeltindan near Mærvoll, Vestvågøy Island, Lofoten Islands, No

So in my last post I said I would ask Ray Higdon what steps or training he took and he told me about a few blog post he made about this, mainly books he read, now I’m not going to list every book he has posted about since you can simply Google Ray Higdon network marketing books and then you can read exactly what he has to say about these books. I will tell you about the books I’ve read and the books that are on my list to read.


Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill: Great book two of my favorite stories in this book are about: the first one is about a gentleman who wanted to work for Thomas Edison. This story is amazing the second the story about the gold miner who stopped mining 3 feet from a huge vain of gold. This book is awesome it may be old by man its pure gold.

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard: I haven’t finished this book but what I have read has been amazing, this book is full of motivation 🙂 things such as we shall practice jot and gratitude, we shall not break our integrity. You can check out Brendon on YouTube.


I also watched the movie The Secret, the book or movie are both great it talks about the law of attraction, but Remember just thinking about how you want to help the children who are in foster care doesn’t mean that magically you will be able to help them you have to TAKE ACTION and KEEP a positive outlook on everything.

The Books I will be reading soon:

this list is huge haha, but these are all amazing books

the four hour work week by Timothy Ferriss ,  Eric Worre’s Go Pro,   Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell,  Noah St Johns book The Secret Code of Success, The Power of WHO! Workbook by Bob Beaudine,  Only Suckers Buy Leads: How To Create A Non-Stop Flow Of Super Interested & ​Ready-To-Buy Prospects In No Time Flat by Mike Dillard (Magnetic Sponsoring),   Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life Through Network Marketing by Jordan Adler.

Now the list is way bigger than that but I want to mention that it isn’t just books that make you unmovable, its mindset the books help give you a path to develop this mindset. Training and friends also help now whenever I say friends I don’t mean Jo smoe down the road that is always negative and never sees the good in life. I mean the friends who are upbeat and happy Oprah once said some people are “mud in your wings” you need to get rid of those people trust me I know it can be hard even your best friend could potentially be mud in your wings.  Training is also a very big part of achieving this mindset. Lets take the journey of become unmovable together comment or chat with me on social media if you want to know more about becoming unmovable.

Keep rocking and stay in touch 🙂

Thanks Much love for all of you Amanda Kipfer.


Twitter: @AmandaKipfer1


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