Today I am going to do a different kind of post. I am going to talk about my journey thus far in my own home based network marketing career. I joined this amazing company about 3 months ago. I decided to join this company because I love what it offers,I can truly see myself doing this for the rest of my life which has been a problem for me. I went to collage but didn’t finish because I couldn’t see myself in the career I’d chosen. After that I went to work full time as a server,house cleaner (maid), cna, retail(cashier) and all of those careers made me miserable, I may have enjoyed the people I worked with or the place in which I worked but the job itself was sooo unfailing.

HawaiiI have not gone full time in my business yet! I will be full time by the middle of 2015. Like I said I can see myself in this career until I retire. I’ve seen an learned so much since I started this journey. I’ve over come more fears than I even knew I had. I’ve learned so much about myself and others with the amazing training this company offers. As I take this journey I will update you once a week on how my journey is going. You can start a blog about your own journey, or connect with me on social media and we can talk about your journey.

I am fully aware this is a business and not some get rich quick scheme, and you need to be fully aware of this also. THIS is the easy button!!!! Seriously there are stories of people creating success in 3 years or less and there are stories of it taking 5 10 15 years, do you have that in you?

imagesI know I do but there is no way it will take me 5 to 15 years! Can you achieve success in a J.O.B. in 3-15 years? Yes and no, whats your definition on success? Mine is to be able to help millions if not billions of people change their life for the better….

Keep rocking 🙂 If you found any value leave a comment or connect with me on social media .


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