Amanda Kipfer was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. Attended local public schools and international american university(IAU). I decided I didn’t want to be a healthcare administrator my whole life, it isn’t me! I know healthcare is a good industry to get into and don’t get me wrong I respect everybody who is in the industry but it isn’t what I wanted with My life. Although it would earn me more money in order to really get my personal business going, I just keep saving up money so I can afford an education on my own.  I am currently working as a server at a locally owned restaurant named Pho Vihn. I enjoy my co-workers and the owners are amazing people but I honestly don’t enjoy working, but most people do not enjoy their jobs are you one of them? I obviously am. I enjoy the people I work with but just working a 9-5 type job isn’t what I want to do with the rest of my life. I do however see myself helping people achieve their dreams, getting more time and freedom to spend with their families or however they choose, taking amazing vacations and earning great money while I’m living MY DREAM.

I am in a relationship with Nick Salmon we are very happy. We have been together for a few years and things are great. We like to watch shows all kinds of different shows we are all over the place lol we watch the walking dead, the talking dead, downton abbey, the Simpsons, the 100, Intruders, orphan black, the strain, one piece, under the dome, Bleach, space dandy, Attack on Titan…. and the list goes on but who wants to read about every show we watch on tv lol. We also play a lot of video games, and watch a lot of movies. We also spend our spare time improving ourselves, and hanging out with friends.

I have a great group of friends, we like to take small trips together or just hangout and watch movies and have amazing home cooked meals.:) Some of our friends and us recently took a camping trip to Canoe outpost in Arcadia Florida. It was a 15-17 miles we canoes down river to our camp sight camped for 2 days 3 nights and canoed back to the outpost. It was a blast, most of us were well prepared and even though it rained the first day all day we persevered and came out on top. The trip was an Epic one that is for sure…

I don’t know how you would do writing about yourself but I found it difficult. I don’t know why it just is, so I asked a few friends what they thought about me and here’s what they had to say;

“A good friend,  very “motherly” type. Always spending time with the kids around. You enjoy reading and swimming. Your a good girlfriend. You have open and honest relationships with friends and family. And your a good listener.” -Jessica Perkins

Very energetic and ambitious. Always willing to help someone w/ no strings attached. You are a trail blazer no matter the hand life has delt you, you strive for success. You do not pass judgment on any type of person. You see them for the personality not the persona. A true friend, who is beautiful.” -Beck Schindler

Amanda is an extremely hard worker. Always willing to go beyond to help everyone and anyone. She has a kind soul with a warm loving heart. Her personality is unlike many you meet, very genuine. Amanda is caring, funny, and beautiful inside and out. Always looking for the positives out of everything.“-Heather Collon

A super nice, outgoing, friendly person. Who loves natural remedies and traveling. My friends are my life ” Lora Johnson

Amanda is a young and free spirited woman. She is very strong minded and has a great grasp on life. She is a total blast to be around.” -Jamie Russell

” A person of simple desires in life and is kind spirited to almost all she meets, and curious by nature leaving mind open to life.Her desires in life are simple; life, happiness, love.( foundations all should aspire to). She enjoys life as it comes. never dwell on the past there’s always tomorrow coming.She is kind sprited, in saying this it means she looks at those she meets as generally good people until proven other wise. Be it favor,company,or shoulder a friend is easly made with just a meeting.”-Wes Dees

” There’s lots of characteristics/adjectives to choose from like honest, dedicated, trustworthy, organized, personable, reliable, strong work ethic,etc…” -Jamie Dallas

I hope you enjoyed my very first blog post and I look forward to growing and sharing more about my life and journey, while teaching you about blogging, getting leads in your home based business, and how to change your thinking to have a better, wealthier mind-set.I hope to inspire your inner greatness because you CAN do anything you set your mind to do…

Here’s to you and your journey.

Amanda Kipfer


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