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I dont understand; do you?

     I don’t understand….Its easy for Jane Dough to say she made billions simply posting her deal on social media but she knows Mr, Zucherburg. If I knew him I’d be able to do this way easier. This deal just doesn’t work, I don’t have the money to keep dishing out to this deal I’m not making anything!

Do you agree with anything I just said? Well you shouldn’t! that whole entire statement is Unserving language. Every phrase that has been italicized are preventing you from achieving a vision that pulls you . If you want to be in a better situation, you have to see yourself in a better situation than you currently are without justifying where you are.I mean if you would like to stay where you are working that dead end job, hating every min of it by all means keep telling it like it is, keep talking to your friends and family about how you don’t, and can’t.

If you want to change your situation then first you have to change the statements you make instead of saying I can’t afford it try saying HOW can I afford this? You have to see yourself getting better before you will get better. When I first started my home business I was horrible I would either just get to nervous to say anything about my business or I would just ask a few questions and jump to are you open to making money on the side? I’m not perfect but who is I am getting better everyday. You can do the same you just have to stop saying how horrible you are or how your lacking in this area or that area. You must see you situation getting better I started to visualize being a straight up beast in marketing and I started to become a beast! You Can too!

You have been getting in your own way, get out of the way. Put your ego aside talk to people and STOP telling it like it is tell people who you want to become! I had to change my language and you can too I know you can! You can start changing your life today by changing a few phrases you use daily. If you found value in this post leave a comment and share with your friends. If you’d like to connect you can email at I’d love to chat with you.