LIFE is always changing!

Yesterday I found out some pretty upsetting news, I will share this news with you all later whenever I have more information. BUT I will say that I have taken the news pretty hard. When you put everything into something and then it is taken from you its heart breaking, weather or not it is your personal endeavor or somebody elses, for me knowing you put everything into your business and for whatever reason it has to closes down, thats heart breaking for you and for others.


How do you move on when something you loved, put your heart, blood sweat and tears into is taken form you?Keep your head up, and look inside yourself and find a new goal to processed with.You can always try that endeavor again, or do something completely different. There are millions of options, but the last thing you should do is sit at home and think about how this didn’t work out you have to move on keep pushing forward. If you sat at home an just thought about how it didn’t work you will never move forward you might fall into a deep depression and nobody wants to do that, and your friends and family don’t want to see that for you either.

NES_0061-682x1024-e1331626553859I have been listening and watching Ray Higdon for YEARS (well my whole life really) and that man is a rock, he is unmovable! He will do what he needs to do NO MATTER what is in the way. If you don’t know who he is Google him! We can all be unmovable. What would it feel like to you to be unmovable? Nothing anybody says can persuade you from you main goals. I think it would feel absolutely amazing I think if would be better than amazing. So how do you become unmovable? Well you will have to read my next post and I will tell you exactly what I’ve learned from the amazing Ray Higdon on how to have that unmovable mindset. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Should you Post about your company?


Should you share your companies logo, slogans, name, ext. all the time? Yea there are big companies that blast their logo everywhere but are you BMW or any of those other corporations? I don’t think so ๐Ÿ™‚ :). First off, how is that working out for you? Are people joining and staying,creating success for themselves and possibly you? If you are getting results Awesome that’s great keep rocking! I have found this method isn’t quiet as effective as I’d like it to be and I bet if it doesn’t work very well for me chances are there are some of you this isn’t working for. If I share about kipfer INC all day most people are going to Google kipfer INC and there ARE GOING TO BE bad negative review pusssh some people are typing in NEGATIVE reviews about kipfer INC.


I’ve found that the saying ” people join people” is true sooo soo true. If you were opening a…. fish and tackle shop, and you needed a business partner for whatever reason, are you going to post on some social media sight over and over again a picture of the location and say who wants to be my business partner are you going to get many leads( people interested)? lets say 100 people responded to your offer, are you going to talk to all 100 even though you don’t know 85 of them? I don’t think I would want to open a business with a stranger.I’d either interview the 15 people I know and if they weren’t a fit I’d GET TO KNOW the other 85 as best as possible and THEN talk business. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are in a home based business you might want to consider not posting about your business and instead post about you, your life, the things you like. PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE NOT COMPANIES. ๐Ÿ™‚ If your Branding yourself creating a space for YOUR name not your companies name you will get better results. If God, the universe, whatever you would prefer to call the higher power forbid kipfer INC goes under people only know me for kipfer INC not for me Amanda,first of all if the people only know me for kipfer INC and kipfer INC goes under, now people think poorly of me. IF they knew me for me, they might have a different opinion. Second you ARE GOING to turn some people off, they are going to think your account has been hacked(Possibly,if the already know you) or you are just a spammer, third you loss that element of surpriseย  like I said earlier they Google kipfer INC and now they have found something bad I mean there are good reviews for almost every company but most people are looking for the bad ones, then they tell you ‘ no thanks already saw it…..” So what if you just tweaked your method to posting most about yourself thinks, quotes, pics anything you like? I think you would get longer lasting business partners and customers.

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Who are these GURUS?

bm-image-759203I find myself saying who are these gurus? (all the time) I mean there are a lot of amazing trainers out there who are doing great things inside their own business’s, but who are these gurus they are talking about? Who are these gurus who are misleading people, telling them this is an easy way to make money its fast and simple…I just don’t know. I’ve personally connected with a lot of top earners in the home based network marketing industry and not a one of them has told me some hypey made up story about how easy network marking is. Not a signal person that I would consider a guru does this. Know just because somebody else’s method doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean they are a false guru everybody is different and you have to master skills before you can really say oh this guru over here is tellin “stores” about….(whatever it is…)

I don’t know, I’m sure not a top earner in my company, I’m not even making $1,000 a month. But I am 100% positive that people who you and I may consider a guru don’t consider themselves gurus! Most of the people I have connected with are real people who started from nothing some of them were homeless and are now making more money than a CEO of a major corporation. I know these people are working daily in the market to improve our industry and help people improve their own lives, NOT discourage people by telling them to do things that will never work.

Yes there are tactics that are old and just may not work out very well for you but do you honestly think they are setting you up to fail? I can’t tell you how many videos or blogs I’ve read where people are bashing a “guru”,why? Why bash somebody else’s approach? I mean if its helping them help others and it just didn’t work for you maybe it just wasn’t what you needed at the time. I worked for Kirby vacuums for about 3-4 months and the owner of the divison I worked for really believed in me. His wife and himself took me to several training seminars and payed for me to go I hadn’t been there for long not like the others who were going on the trips most of them had the awesome rings and were higher ups as I would call them but lil ol’ me got invited and I really was fired up I thought I could sell these vacuums because if they could do it so could I… I took notes at the seminars I payed close attention I really did lean a lot but when it was time to knock on strangers doors sometimes for 12 hours a day, you get discouraged. One day the “owner” told us to make a “game out of this, make a tally on one of your FLYERS ( ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  ) for every door you knock on. So me and my team mates did I don’t recall their numbers but I knocked on 500 doors no joke, 300 people were clearly home, 10 people opened the door 0 let me in to do a demonstration. Can you imagine? I live in S.W. Fl its always hot, we would be dropped off at 9-10 am our team leader would take us to different streets and tell us to work one direction on one side of the street. It was insane, nuts I tell you! The team leader would drive around and do the closing if you got that far into your demonstration and bring you a Kirby whenever somebody agreed to the demonstration…You were on your own the rest of the time the only time during the day you got to be inside was a. during lunch or b. if somebody let you enter their home. So how many of you would last even 3 days doing this my friend and I started the job together after 4 hours our first day she was ready to go home, after 8 hours she forced them to pick us up and she then got dropped off so somebody she knew could pick her up an take her to get her car.

My point of this story isn’t in any way meant to bash Kirby or their sales tactics it’s simply to say there are tons of different ways to prospect and what worked for you may or may not work for John Doe. Instead of bashing others to sell your products just tell them what your product can do for them,their team,friends…. also testimonials are always an amazing way to sell something. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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I do, I’d love to have more time and freedom to spend with my family and friends, go on vacations I’ve only dreamed of and just enjoy life.If I’ve learned one thing about EARNING this goal, it is that you must have the right tools,mindset, and willingness to learn new things then going out and taking action on those things. No matter what your goal is if you want to be in the Olympics you have to have these thing in place in order to achieve your goals.camping 2014Me and my boyfriend Nick just went on a great vacation with some really awesome friends it was 3 days of camping fun. We went to Canoe outpost in Arcadia Fl they are great there we have gone 3 years in a row now. It was something like 15 or 17 miles, we canoed down river the first day. The river was amazing we saw a few birds, 2 gators, an fish jumping every now and then. We camped for the 3 days even through the pouring rain and canoed back to the outpost. It was a blast, without having the right mindset, tools,and for some of our first time campers willingness to learn the camping trip would have been a disaster due the the constant rain on the first day but we all proved to have prepared well and made it through on top.

We love taking time to spend together we live in FL so we go to the beach and like to go out to dinner an to the movies, or even just sitting at home watching a t.v show or playing video games. But with us both working at our J.O.B.sย  we don’t get very much time together he works 12 hrs a day 6 days a week and I work 6-8 hours 5-6 days a week so this vacation was really great for us to get away. Do you struggle with some of these issues also? We could take this amazing journey together.

I’d like to help you in your journey of achieve you goals and finding the right tools, helping you change your mindset and teaching you all the fun stuff I’ve learned along the way. I hope you join me on this exciting journey.

Should you go full-time or stay part-time in your home based business?

I personally am looking forward to the day when I can take my business to the full time, but first there are a few things you have to consider. You might be thinking “I don’t have time to prospect because I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week.” You might have children and a full time J.O.B. There are a million things that could be taking your time while you are out of your J.O.B, so you might think if I didn’t have this J.O.B taking up 80% of my time I could really get this home business to take off.

Well I felt the same way but you have to stop and think, if I’m not duplicating now how will you duplicate with no income? Maybe it would be sink or swim, you really burned your bridges with no escape wrought and maybe for you that is what you need. Most of us get distracted, and with no J.O.B the possibility for procrastination grows 80%. For me personally I really want to change to view of the MLM (multilevel marketing) people seem to have a bad taste in their mouth for this industry well almost anyย  home based business industry. I’ve learned that in the 70s people were very hype and the event of pyramid schemes have left their mark on the American public. I want to help people achieve their dreams, have more time with their family, friends, and to do whatever makes them happy. I need to stop procrastinating and just do what needs to be done to achieve my dream. Am I still working a J.O.B yes of course to me it is just common sense to work; pay your bills, get to meeting, and INVEST in yourself! How will you do these things without any income?

I started looking into home based business whenever I lost my job of 3 years I have been doing as I put it home work. At first it was anything I could get my hands on learning for Free! An it became very taxing to listen to all these people talk about these “gurus” I sometimes think the people talking negatively about another persons marketing strategy isn’t good for business but I became very mislead I didn’t know what to do and even though I know you need to talk to people I didn’t know what direction to take using a search engine to find people to learn from isn’t always the best way to go. So I stopped looking at all these different people and things they are teaching and started focusing on what I need to know right now, prospecting more specifically cold market prospecting, blogging,and personal branding. If you aren’t already focusing on your weak points you should. I think if you want to become a full time home business owner you need to be all you can be in at least one of these areas.

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How do you attract people to your at home business?

Most people use several tactics to attract new people to their at home business. Some people use pamphlets,flyer, some form of paper you hand out and try to tell the person about your COMPANY. You stop people and try to tell them about your amazing opportunity and some may just keep walking away an you may think “your loss” while others stop and listen to you or at least they seem to be listening you give them your flyer maybe you are doing an excellent job and are getting contact information for them also, but most of the time we just try to get strangers interested in our company. Whenever they take you flyer and listen to you you may think” there’s a possible teammate” but most likely that stranger is waiting until they can’t see you and they are going to throw that paper away.

How do I avoid wasted prosperous time recruiting?

First I don’t pass out flyers don’t get me wrong if your company wants you to pass out flyers and work that way by all means go for it, but think about it if you are paying for the flyers,the gas to get wherever you are going to prospect and the time you are spending talking to people. I have a friend who joined a health and wellness company and we were fired up we were going to sell them vitamins like crazy we went to grocery stores the malls restaurants anywhere people were. We wouldn’t always go stop people and talk to them, we would just leave the flyer on their windshield. We never got a lead never got a call never go anybody interested in our opportunity. We were obviously doing something wrong and I believe part of it is that we would talk to 2 or 3 people and then go out to the cars and just put a flyer on every car. We were always at the local office supply store making copies of our flyers to put on peoples are but after all the time we spent we never got a lead. We weren’t making connections we were taking the easy way out and leaving “trash” on peoples car.ย  Instead of taking 1-5 mins to talk to somebody to see if they were interested and would be a good business partner.

So the next time you go out leave your pamphlets at home, listen to an inspiring auto on the way to your location. Get yourself mentally ready sometimes people can be mean even if they aren’t mad at you for approaching them they can come across very unhappy keep in mind they usually aren’t mad at you they have stuff going on in their own life that you have no idea about they could have just gotten the worst news in their life, wouldn’t you be unhappy in that situation? I know I would be. Remember you are making friends not hunting for people to join your company. That is why I think most of the people have a bad taste for network marketers or home based business, people forget people join people not companies and nobody wants to be “hunted”. Have you ever said “I have to go hunt for people to join my business.” Think about your words…

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How do I approach prospecting?

CAM00064Ever feel like this when its time to prospect?

Prospecting can be difficult I know it is for me, talking to strangers isn’t natural since we are all taught as children not to talk to strangers “stranger danger” this gets instilled into us or at least it was instilled into me. So the idea of going out and just talking to random people can be a little scary but if you think of it as going out to make new friends it might be a little less scary. I like to think about there being a magic genie always around me, and every time I have a non-serving thought such as “oh no I’ve got to go out and talk to strangers this is so overwhelming” I try to stop and restructure the thought because if I think its overwhelming, scary, frustrating, or whatever it might be for you, you are triggering your mind to make it so. As the late and great George Zaluki said “the thinker thinks and the prover proves.” See there are 2 parts in the brain the thinker and the prover, if you think for instance “I’m just not cut out for this” your brain automatically agrees with you and starts making a path of how you aren’t “cut” out for this. So if I’m having non-serving thoughts aboutย  anything I restructure it from “oh no…..” to ” I get to go make new friends and possible new teammates.”

CAM00070 Just smile…..

Whenever you shift your thinking you’re bound to get more people interested in working with you. Keep a positive mind and keep don’t focus on the results just become addicted to the thought of new friends get fired up on the possibility of meeting great people who can be life long amazing friends you just have to leave your comfort zone and discard “stranger danger” prospecting, recruiting ,or as I like to call it the act of taking a stranger and making them a friendย  will become easier. If you could only make contact with 3 people a day that would be 1,000 people in a year! If only 8% of those people ended up being life long friends/business partners would it be worth it to you? It’s worth it to me!

The next time you go out to make a “sale” try to make a connection first. Try to ask them questions about their life and attempt to get a feel of whether or not you should spend your time working on building a friendship with them. If you can manage to get a “feeling” of wither or not you’d like to work with them in 3-5 mins you can conserve a lot of time and energy that otherwise would be wasted just bantering people about how amazing your product/service is. People join people not companies. I joined my company because my amazingly talented cousin is in it. I have a good relationship with him and his amazing wife therefore I feel more comfortable than if I was just approached by somebody at a mall or some other public place. What do you do when somebody hands you a flyer and tries to tell you about the information? Do you keep walking or do you stop and listen really listen? I used to stop and act like I was listening because I’m too nice to keep walking while somebody is trying to talk to me even a stranger, afterwards I usually walk away and throw the flyer away. Do you throw the flyer, card, whatever they hand you away? Think about it…Now think about your business and your prospecting approach….I will talk about my personal experience doing this method of prospecting in my next blog…

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