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What could be holding you back?

  ball_n_chain_stick_figure_400_clr Do you find yourself asking “why am I not having the success I want?” I am talking to people and showing them my opportunity but I’m not seeing the success I want.” What could be holding you back?


Ray Higdon said ” If you are still where you’ve been for a while there is something your holding onto.” 

person-thinking-with-question-mark-question-markWhat could it be though?

Is the problem something to do with where I’m from(grew up)? Maybe you loved where you grew up maybe you still live in the same town so if it isn’t that could it be a bad childhood? I’m not trying to pry at all just sayin these are question for you to answer not to share with me unless you want to! Maybe you have a major medical issue? I feel for you I do but while most of the rest of the world will pat you on the back and say “yea I understand why you haven’t had success.It’s okay.” I’m saying you can achieve success no matter what! There are people out there with abilities (disabilities) who have went on the do and create amazing things have you watch any of the movies about some of the inspiring stories The Miracle Worker; Helen Keller was the first def and blind person to earn a Bachelors degree. Soul Suffer about a girl who losses her arm in a surfing accident and overcomes that an still surfs, just to name a few.

You can do this; your past does not dictate your future nor does your current circumstances!  You can do anything you put your mind to. Stop getting in your own way.

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Go out there and make mistakes rock those mistakes!

Amanda Kipfer